Automatic Filling Machine

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We are technical Automatic Filling Machine manufacturer, supplier, exporter and factory in Taiwan. We also serve as service provider and function as business partner for the procurement of the products from the manufacturer of repute suitable in the buyers. We are a one stop shop for all kinds of products. We render wide range of services for customers, contractors satisfying their needs. Our engagement minimizes buyers business risk when they buy through us as we keep regular control over quality during production process and ensure co-ordination with the vender for timely delivery.
Automatic Filling Machine
Automatic Filling Machine
Gear pumps designed for handle small volume filling from water - thin to viscid products in food, chemical, cosmetic, medical area.

1. Machine construction covered by stainless steel SUS#304.
2. Liqid contact parts of Gear Pump in stainless steel SUS#316.
3. Fast change-over design for different size of bottle.
4. Mitsubishi PLC control syster.
5. Digital LCD touch screen display and setting.
6. No bottle - no filling safety device.
7. Volumetric filling system by gear pumps driven by AC motors with inverters.
8. Filling volume range : 10 ~ 400 ml.
9. Dipping type filling nozzle, no spilling of liquid onto clean bottles and conveyor.
10. Filling nozzle holding device and uplift assembly with a huge solenoid valve.
11. One air compressor with dryer is required to be prepared by user.
12. Photocell sensors.


1. Agitator with a variable speed AC motor for mixing the liquid.
2. Liquid feeding pump with a stand.
3. Product feeding turn table ( diameter 650 / 800 / 1000 mm)
4. Safety cover with interlock system.
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Automatic Filling Machine

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