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Cap Seal Liner
Cap Seal Liner
1. Water, milk, juice, medicine, edible oil, ketchup, seasonings, BBQ sauce etc.,
2. Depending on the specification, it is suitable for cold filling, hot filling, oil-resistant, chemical resistant.
3. Depending on the specification, it is suitable for PE, PP, PET, PS, PVC bottles by heat seal.

1. It consists of two layers of sealing materials – inner paper and induction sealing aluminum foil.
2. Induction sealing aluminum foil comes with pulling tab which is in contact with inner paper. It can help to prevent aluminum foil stick to inner paper.
3. It is easy to process. Excellent sealing effect and it is easy to peel off.

1. Inner paper: It is paper laminated with plastic film, and then treated with anti-sticking agent.
2. Induction sealing aluminum foil: It consists of multi-layers of plastic film and aluminum foil.
3. Inner paper and induction sealing aluminum foil are inserted into the cap together, with aluminum foil faces out.

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Cap Seal Liner

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